Gourmet Scratch Map

This large, 80 x 60cm print features over 132 dishes from 52 countries and islands across Europe, and is a beautifully illustrated view of the continent comprising the dish names. 

The map features a legend to help users navigate European cuisine, encouraging them to try new foods. When a new dish has been sampled, the user scratches off the top layer to reveal colour underneath, to keep a personal record of how adventurous a foodie they are! A collaboration with Alison Harcastle and Snowhome. Available here.


The product also refers the user to a site, www.gourmetscratchmap.com, where the full recipes for all 132 dishes are available and users can share images of their culinary creations. 

The website compliments the base of the product with it's limited palette of three colours, and is designed to be very simple and easy to navigate, making the dishes and the recipes the most important content on the site, rather than pushing the product. 

The site does away with adverts, gratuitous product shots and superfluous detail to make it easy for the user to find and follow the recipe they have chosen to try, and also offers a one-click, printer friendly copy.