Memory Box

A solid wood box, with a discreet sliding top, that contains a comprehensive collection of memory keeping tools, all set neatly into custom cut foam. The Memory Box is a blank canvas, to be decorated with the users own memories and experiences for reminiscing at a later date. I's the perfect gift for the start of any life story, be it a wedding, new arrival, records of a romance, the trials of growing up or the best bits of your university years. Designed with Xavier Unwin. Available here.


Wood changes and patinas over time - just as the owner does - and it's soft warm exterior will document usage and time in it's wear, echoing the human notion to record memories. Natural variations in the solid wood body means no two Memory Boxes are quite the same, even before they've been filled with the keepsakes and mementos that make them personal. Inside you'll find an A6 notebook, an embossed aluminium keepsake tin, a ticket wallet, an acrylic vial and a pack of miniature luggage tags, all neatly aligned and ready to record.