Smartphone Projector 2.0 follows the best-selling original Smartphone Projector, driven by demand for a ready-built version and the need to accommodate expanding smartphone sizes. Smartphone Projector 2.0 features a luxury, matte-laminated print of a classic tan leather grain and is finished with silver foil details. The larger body fits plus-sized devices (up to 80 x 160mm) and is ideal for showing off holiday snaps at 8x magnification, projecting music videos at a house party or just watching films in bed. Designed with Xavier Unwin and João Brazão. Available here


Except for the single glass lens that'll magnify an image up to 8 times, the Smartphone Projector is made entirely of corrugated cardboard with a beautiful print and laminate applied to it. The Smartphone Projector comes ready built meaning all the user has to do is slide the lens into place before they can enjoy their mobile content projected onto the wall. Click the images below to see the Smartphone Projector in action. 


For best results the user must lock the phone's image into landscape so that it can be played upside down (the glass lens flips the image the right way up), and place the device onto the grippy silicone pad inside the hatch to the rear of the projector. The pad is strong enough to hold even the heaviest smartphones, and leaves absolutely no residue. All it needs is a rinse under running water once in a while, to renew it's holding power.